Pickleball Fun for the Whole Family

Pickleball is an awesome game directed at all ages. Pickleball is fun for the whole family from grandparents to grandchildren, plus all the friends up and down the block. Pickleball started in the mid-sixties as a fun outdoor game for family get-togethers.  Originally played on the street, backyards and in parks, Pickleball has progressed to recreational play or tournaments on organized courts.  Pickleball is also a great game designed for outings and camping trips. Most players take the basic Pickleball equipment in their campers and RV’S, and find a tennis, basketball court or just an empty concrete slab to set up their Pickleball court, and then just having fun playing Pickleball with the family and friends.       

Pickleball is a paddle tennis type game that is played in many RV parks and campgrounds throughout America. The game is great for playing on basketball courts, and even more perfect for playing on volleyball or badmitten courts because it is exactly the same size court as used for Pickleball.  The game can also be played indoors in an open gymnasium or large community center.  All you have to do is take down the volleyball net or badmitten net, put up your portable pickle-ball net, and you are ready to play within 10 minutes.   A basic Pickleball equipment list might include:

Two to four Pickleball wood or plastic paddles (singles or doubles)
Plastic Pickleballs, which look similar to Wiffle balls
Some Pickleball tape or chalk and mark out your 20 by 44 foot court .
36″ portable net, most have stands that fill with water to weight down
Basic rule book or download from USAPA.org

Pickle-Ball is played on a court that is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. There is a non-volley zone that has 7 feet on each side of the net. The net in the middle of the court is 3 feet tall. The first serve is determined by a coin toss, the shortest straw or even “rock, paper, and scissors”, whatever way you prefer to choose who starts the game.

Pickleball is an ideal game for developing hand-eye coordination and agility for youngsters, and perfect for the older crowd because it focuses on strategy and ball placement rather than brute force, athletic strength and ability. Pickleball is an excellent exercise opportunity for youth groups, young to middle age adults and senior groups while having lots of fun too.  A testimonial from a happy Recreational Vehicle owner states that “pickle-ball is a great addition for resort residents, and it promotes exercise, fitness and fun”.


Find more information on pickleball equipment such as the Diller Paddle at www.pickleballequipment.net.

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