Duct Taped Wiffle Ball Pitches

I throw some DUCT TAPED wiffle balls to my friend. I can really make them curve, but I couldn’t that day, for some reason. *NOTE- I’m deleting all comments that say “you suck” or anything like that. To duct tape: Tear a piece of duct tape off, and rip it longways. Tape it on, and press down as you tape. It really works that way.

10 Responses to “Duct Taped Wiffle Ball Pitches”

  1. @jdgun97
    because my camera sucks nuts, and my friend never played baseball

  2. Why does it sound like there’s an early 1990’s printer in the back ground and your friend sucks.

  3. A good thing to do is Duct Tape it first,Then put electric tape on it.The ball will go far and it wil curve alot! 😀

  4. your friend sure is bad at baseball

  5. well, we tape all of the wiffle balls to make it more like real baseball. heavier wiffle balls, harder to break and curve and all that stuff.

  6. your only suppose to take half of the wiffle ball.

  7. to klpzxcvbn:
    the noise is my camera…
    it’s old and kinda crappy

  8. what is that noisieeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss gosh

  9. fire37cc:
    I’m sorry that I took out your pitching, but someone, (who will not be named), stopped the video before that.
    The clicking is all of the zooming in the cameraman did.
    Thank you for your comment. J.W. Raab

  10. way to take out my pitching you dog! whats that click clicka-clicka?

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